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Why are FAQs useful?

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FAQ’s or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is basically a big list of questions and answers relevant to a topic, product, person or…well anything really. Lets look at it from a business point of view and see why it can help you and your readers.

Why it’s good for you

If you have been business for a while then you most likely already know the top 5 or 10 questions your potential clients ask. If you run a shop then questions can be answered by yourself or by giving the potential client suitable leaflets. Not so much of a problem.

It can be really annoying however, when you get heaps of emails all with the same range of questions. That is why you should create a dedicated page with top questions and their answers. An easy resource you can point people to.

That sorts out the general FAQ but you can go one further, be product specific. You can create a FAQ for some or all of your products, again the top range of questions.

By having these FAQ’s, site visitors will be able to find the answer to their questions and you will have less email!

Why it’s good for your site visitors

It saves them time, they can get an immediate answer to their questions with out having to email you. They can check out a product FAQ and see that it does do what they want, it does solve their problem. It shows you understand their needs and have lots of experience with that product.

If they are looking to buy and see that your products do what they want, they will be likely to buy from you.

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